Wednesday 3 November 2021

Being the salt of the earth

Making no apology

I sometimes find myself warning friends and acquaintances about associating with me, not because of who I am but out of concern for them in terms of how I am perceived by others. Somehow, some people who have publicly associated with me have been ostracised or penalised for no other reason than their humanity.

In a way, I represent a kind of independence not beholding or dependent on anyone, system, or situation. I am outside the ambit of influence of some who think people like me should be in the closet, depressed and fearful rather than living beautifully, thriving, and enjoying the kind of happiness that has never been in their purview.

I’m just me

Not that it bothers me in the least, I have always been who I am, level-headed, playful, seriously unserious, clowning about, easily accessible, hopefully sympathetic, and empathetic for humanity and humanitarian causes, with a liberal worldview of living and letting live, avoiding unnecessary confrontation and giving many much latitude in the benefit of the doubt.

Those quite close to me might wonder about my kind of crazy that might be mistaken for a negative when it could well be stooping to conquer. I want to think I am not a difficult person or even one difficult to understand. Yes, there are seriously misunderstood or underappreciated aspects of my person and personality, if I were so totally predictable, where would the mystery be?

I am spice

Yet, I appreciate those who see more in me that on the surface, who do not pass any judgement until they have duly and properly engaged me, who that sought to know me as a person rather than a label or an object, who have grown to respect me for my views and opinions no matter how they might differ from their outlook.

In the end, we have to share this world and this space, we would not agree on everything, we can respectfully agree to disagree without becoming disagreeable. Heck! We might even become friends with aspects of common interest, accommodating of each other in the broadening of our horizons. I have a teachable spirit and an inclination to learning. I hope to give my curiosity the widest field to explore whilst never losing my sense of youth and almost childish precocity.

I am without negotiation who I am, if you can’t take me by the spoonful or by the pinch of salt, I would never be any less one of the condiments of life, whether you choose to spice your life with my presence is neither here nor there. I would remain the best human I can be for myself and to anyone who considers me such.

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