Monday 1 November 2021

Now, where's the mug?

Only me or others too?

Nothing can be as maddening, the thought that you might not be the only resident of your own apartment as a single occupant, for I cannot for the life of me find the mug that I had a cup of coffee out of this morning and then tea this afternoon.

After use, it should be in the sink filled with water ready for a rinse, it is not there and not on either my office desk or the coffee table. And this upset me no end because it starts the perambulation around my apartment seeking where it might be.

O sweet muggy

The bedroom, but why? The bathroom? Surely not! Maybe I forgetfully dumped it in the bin, now, that is crazy. Could it have slipped under the sofa? It has a handle, that can’t be the case. Now, if my door is locked, there is only one other possibility, Ratatouille, and that would have been when I had a nap in the bedroom. O sweet muggy, where are you? I cry.

It is not in the dishwasher, so, I am left wondering, where this mug could be, and it is not amongst the other mugs in the cupboard which brings me to an uneasy situation about things that have suddenly disappeared and then appeared again. My tendency is to discard them on the premise that they did really disappear at the machination of someone.

Believe yourself first

The other day, it was a straw hat, and I might have left it somehwre, but that is unlikely and maybe it is, I have done silly things before, some I cannot bring myself to recount at the sense of embarrassment that someone might take the opportunity to mock me about. Brian, my eyes are on you as I roll them at you.

Maybe, just maybe, for some reason or another, I cannot see the mug where it is because in the confusion, I have temporary blindness and unawareness to perceive where I did put it absentmindedly. What bothers me is as I go to bed, the thought that the mug is missing might just get me up in the middle of the night to assure myself that I am not thinking silly things. If there is a story after this, it would continue elsewhere.

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