Thursday 30 April 2020

A calendar month of blogs

Nothing of importance, sometimes
When you are in the 17th year of blogging, there are times you just blog for just blogging sake. Though, I have now realised that there are seemingly meaningless blogs that carry an incongruous message that another reader might find useful.
I have written many of those silly blogs, I just write as I am either inspired or for the want of starting off something that might, in the end, look plausible even if it makes stupid a term of endearment. I guess the volume of writing just compels you to do more.
Making it up to better
For this blog, it would appear that apart from in December 2013 when I celebrated a decade of blogging and found 35 contributions for “Your Blog On My Blog”, I have never written a blog for every day of a calendar month until this month of April 2020. This apart from the fact that some months do have more blogs than days in the month.
I also note that I have not been as prolific as I was in 2007 when I wrote 400 blogs, and now with this blog, I will match the number of blogs I wrote last year and much more than the year before. Maybe I will persist and persevere to have a record tally, I do not know.
I will just keep at it, for there is no perfect situation for blogging, it is inspired or compelled by many situations, some good and some bad, even indifference can be just the impetus to tap at your keyboard. I love blogging though and in the multitude of the over 3,000 blogs, there is always something there to remind me, I am blessed.

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