Tuesday 28 April 2020

Bronzes, marbles and cheap clay on tour?

An ageing traveller it is
There is a memento I have had for probably 29 years; it was a gift from my landlords which they brought back from their holiday in Greece. This was a time I was just getting used to England and the furthest I will eventually travel was Brighton.
I looked up at the top shelf where it was thinking of how long I have had it and how it has travelled with me around London, to Ipswich, to Amsterdam and now to Manchester. I thought, how you have really gotten around dear friend.
Seeking and seeing
Obviously, it is mass-manufactured piece probably after a real sculpture, I cannot tell if it is fibreglass or clay, I checked today to find out it is a copy of The Discobolus of Myron, there is Greek lettering on the side of the base spelling it out too. It is a youthful discus thrower probably made around 460 – 450 BC and was apparently first in bronze. [Wikipedia]
There seem to be many marble versions of this sculpture, and one, the Townley Discobolus was bought by the British Museum and may be displayed there. When this national sequestration is over, I hope to visit and seek it out. As for who the amazing musculature reminds me of, that is a secret I will keep.
Whilst I am there, I might just have a dekko at the controversial Elgin Marbles. It was this that inspired me to write the blog. [The Week]
My very own Discobolus

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