Monday 27 April 2020

Thought Picnic: Winning the battle under my skin

Helpless to helped
I have no easy answers to my difficult problems, I look for opportunities where there seems to be no prospects. In my history that appears to have cycles of experience, I steel up myself with that inner voice, I will come through this and come through well.
Yet, beneath my skin, under the fa├žade of cheeriness is a sense of foreboding, my human frailties almost determined to shake me into panic as I attempt to hold back the pressures that seek to overwhelm me.
Draw me closer to peace
There is a comforting voice I need to hear, it comes from somewhere in my past, a miracle today for which I cannot find reason nor explanation, just an overflowing of gratitude that good fortune and blessing has decided to come my way.
The battle between my ears is raging, the expectation of the wonderful against the terror of dreadful. The better to the best will win out because that is the story I have been frequently blessed to tell. That from the depths of my despair when nothing I had or knew could change things, a light showed up, a hand grabbed me, a voice soothed me, my peace came in as all worries and anxieties took the flight to a place of the forgotten. Everything that bothered was smothered and sorted out completely with much to spare and share.
I am raining on the inside with no shelter yet to keep me warm and dry. I have hope, this turmoil is on its way out, it will pass. I am living to laugh the loudest last. I have not abandoned the faith to soar.

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