Friday 24 April 2020

#Coronavirus: Normalising peak Trumpian insanity

Disinfecting the wisdom of Mar-a-Lago.
A cretinous ultracrepidarian who takes dilettantism to the level of terrifying sociopathy has me now caught on the violently raging horns of a dilemma. For out of the choice of disinfectants and cleaning products in my home, I counted 17 and chose 3.
Then I thought, should I make a cocktail of the three, have each one after the other in an order and dosage yet to be determined, or the efficacy of one might suffice as the scientists are being driven to distraction by wild assertions and snake oil remedies?
We now have it on good authority that with a bit of sun, well, ultraviolet light, and I must find my free sunbed usage vouchers and the injecting of disinfectants, I buy myself freedom from the Coronavirus with a quick and painful death for which the administration of an antidote would be futile. Venesection rather than ventilation, if ever a respite exists. [BBC News]
Swallow the stupid cleaner
Maybe, like the old lady who swallowed a fly and then swallowed many other predators to catch the fly, I might just swallow a string of Christmas lights so each predator can find their way to the prey, whilst the lights expose the hidden places of the Coronavirus in a game of peek-a-boo or catch the mouse.
It beggars belief that a man able to utter such crass stupidity stands as the leader of the free world. What do I know? There are people I love and respect who believe he is anointed of God. I doubt the prophecy of the disinfectant just as that of hydroxychloroquine would be read as anything but a sign from above.
This death cult that puts Jim Jones to shame is an abomination to humanity, but the light we need to see better is lost to things reason, sight, hearing, or wisdom cannot deliver people into.
Don’t try it
Meanwhile, to my amazing good fortune, my cupboard has wrestled the disinfectants out of my hands, my gratitude goes to the door that did not yield to my fleeting folly.
Wipe it away, but don't leave it on your skin, definitely not in the eyes and anything you consider subcutaneously, intravenously or intramuscular; better know it is not prescribed by an idiot with a global bully platform.

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