Wednesday 6 November 2013

Thought Picnic: The old-fashioned that works

From before time
There are traditional old-fashioned things that still matter and allow for the utmost courtesies and respect to be dispensed without reluctance.
As a man, my tastes are neither ostentatious nor vulgar, I am not given to trendy fads or trends, and I stick to the tried and tested things.
Politeness and courtesy are rarely reciprocated with rudeness, be it in speech or in writing, such comportment mellows the aggressive or the unfriendly; it costs nothing but it can do a lot.
Formal is normal
When attending anything remotely business-like, I always err on the side of being formal. Appearance should not be the judge of character or personality, but it always offers the first impression that could determine the tone and tenor of engagement.
Many times, I have seen people raise their game and put up the very best of manners when approached by the formal and sophisticated, though at the same time understated.
I have seen the readiness to help and respond to an enquiry besides the compliments that come with appreciating that a one has taken the time to turn out well and look the part that conveys an air of good bearing, self-assuredness and confidence.
First impressions
In Latin, we are told, Barba non facit philosophum - A beard does not constitute a philosopher, but the beard is a first impression that makes one approach to determine if a philosopher has been encountered. The variant in common parlance is “The clothes do not make the man,” but the clothes may create enough interest to find out about the man.
A man must needs have substance to back up the appearance; the clothes remove some of the prejudicial assessment that might accompany first interactions. No doubt, people like to be pleasantly surprised just as they do not want to be shocked, but if there is a way to prevent the unnecessary sway of emotions that could elicit either praise or rebuke, that is the better part of valour.
If you can, do it well. Work on both the substance and the appearance and do not leave any to chance or sloppiness. It works for me all the time.

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