Wednesday 20 November 2013

In form for more forms

Back to form of forms
Gathered strangers of situation and circumstances from all walks of life seeking new relevance in the world of work.
Under the tutelage of some who for reason and opportunity find a calling in what they do as opposed to what they could do if they cared little.
Yet, they are all caught in the maelstrom and spectrum of ability that ranges from the talentless in other departments to the talented in company, the impartations sometimes useful or sometimes useless.
Tumbled by slumber
Forms ruled the day as time fillers and occupational activity, but one whose slumber interrupted his ability to keep pace was sent to his bed with much agitation, his bad luck, a result of his not being able to keep his eyes open.
Maybe he should have declared Human African trypanosomiasis as a condition, but he did not look African, probably he was a somnambulist and the course leader might have been a bit lenient, but the class being held back meant progress was too slow to retain any patience.
There is no shame is saying you have sleeping disorder, there are therapies and help available to those who recognise their frailties, but that is by the by.
Interesting insights
The discussions, lively, funny and humorous, the time passed with periods of boredom helped along with engagement and banter, sometimes skirting the risqu̩ but never offensive Рfriendships can grow from this.
Why do you want this job?
What skills do you possess that makes you the right person for this job?
Apparently, those two questions are essentially the same question phrased differently and can be asked at different ends of the interview with the interviewer expecting similar rather than different answers.
In closing
However, one should hope that interviewers are not rigidly schooled in particular expectations without the flexibility to assess the total person beyond the rote of function and conformity.
A few more hand-outs, the polishing up of the marketing literature and the mandated requirement was completed to satisfaction with a certificate to boot.
Here is to better luck, favour and good fortune in the next endeavour.

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