Sunday 3 November 2013

#StellaGate: Do The Needful song

A princess in princely disaster
Therefore, the Nigeria Minister of Aviation, Princess Stella Oduah, appeared before the House of Representatives committee on Aviation, to answer for overpriced bullet-proof BMW limousines presumably bought in her name.
With the air disaster, the near miss and suspension of airline operator licences that made October 2013 arguably the worst month of her tenure, the crisis of confidence was compounded with the purchase of unnecessary vehicles by a cash-strapped independent agency under her ministry.
See the following:
Do the needful
After numberless claims and counterclaims from many government agencies with none of the at least five stories lining up, she appeared and said whilst she approved the transaction, she annotated the approval with, “Approved. Do the needful.”
‘Do the needful’ might well become a meme, but ‘Do the needful’ could mean anything from doing due diligence to exculpating oneself from responsibility if the whole issue blows up as it has done overshadowing the President's jamboree, pardon me, pilgrimage and visit to Israel, last week.
Let’s sing, let’s dance
However, rather that attempt to add another story to #StellaGate or #OduahGate with the aim of creating a Nigerian version of Arabian Nights and a story for bedtime, I have decided, ‘Do the Needful’ should be a song and dance, maybe a musical.
I am not a lyricist, but I have the framework of what can be refined and set to music, then we need a choreographer to help with the dance steps to go with the music.
Here is the draft ‘Do the Needful’ theme song:
Do the Needful,
I signed for the vehicle,
Make the claim,
But never in my name.
Do the Needful,
Stop the ridicule,
The BMW,
Is for me, not for you.
Do the Needful,
Take me for a fool,
A bulletproof price,
Is like rolling the dice.
Do the Needful,
The princess is beautiful,
Her life is in danger,
From some stranger.

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