Friday 22 November 2013

Europe: HIV Testing Week - Get Tested

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The First European HIV Testing Week – 22nd of November – 29th of November, 2013.
Why test – European HIV Testing Week
Management of HIV/AIDS – Wikipedia
We love sex
There are some facts we need to get out of the way from the onset.
We are sexual beings; we are programmed to desire and find some satisfaction with sex.
Whether sex leads to procreation or is used for pleasure, practiced in search of a thrill or done to fulfil fantasies, sex or the lack of it defines a quadrant of our lives.
We have as human beings adopted higher moral and social values concerning sex to first establish consent, per adventure, maybe even a relationship regardless of the pairing of genders to express ourselves sexually.
Our weaknesses
Much as we strive to maintain norms, we have foibles or weaknesses driven by sexual appetite, some that we curtail, and others to which we yield.
We love or we lust, we are faithful or we cheat, we abstain, or we indulge; it is very easy to find aversion to sex or the fondness for sex defining what we believe and do.
That is why sexual health is of the paramount importance regardless of how we find or ignore sexual expression.
It is for that reason that we have the first European HIV Testing Week from the 22nd of November until the 29th of November.
The world is wild our there
For whether we trust ourselves or lay that responsibility on others, we know where we have been imperfect and inadvertently taken risks in search of many things including thrills.
Unsafe sex giving more feeling and heightened excitement, that chance encounter in a nondescript place with a stranger, being on the down-low because low down it is just so good.
The other day, your prudish reserve got a swerve, your saintly halo gave way to regret, guilt and remorse, you swore and vowed, yet found yourself still where you thought you had forsaken.
Inhibitions that lost their moorings in a moment of crazy and wanton abandon, decidedly or involuntarily.
Maybe none of this resonates but if you do have sex and you can only vouch for what you do, your trust in others is no defence for exposure you open yourself to when you find a willing partner.
Test to know
Testing brings many benefits, knowledge of what your status is with the peace of mind that comes with being told you are fine or the early detection allowing for prompt intervention and favourable outcomes for your health and wellbeing. (
Having HIV is no more the death sentence it once was if it is put under management with medical expertise and antiretrovirals (ARVs). The medicines are efficacious and potent, this matter is not one to procrastinate such that the virus ravages the body to the point that complications result in AIDS as the body yields to opportunistic infections bringing the threat of death.
Get your test done, now
All this avoidable with knowledge garnered from testing and using the free services for diagnosis, treatment, medication, therapy and support networks.
The at-risk groups identified in need of urgent action are men who have sex with men (MSM), migrant populations and ethnic minorities.
Living in Europe we cannot afford to be ignorant of what the options are for controlling and managing the HIV epidemic starting with ourselves, and that is why you should schedule a test today.
Thank you.

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