Friday 17 August 2012

To that Young Christian Family, blessings that overflow

A book for example
If men of renown should gather once again as they gathered many centuries ago to select canonically inspired texts to include in the Holy book, I will suggest it be called the Acts of the Disciples.
For what I have had revealed to me as real as when Moses stood and watched the burning bush is the magnanimity of humanity expressed in Christian care, love, compassion and support.
They gave and blessed
There be many who have our of their hearts, out of the minds and out of their hands poured blessings, gifts, encouragement, prayer and help into my life beyond that I can express.
Out of their little, I got much and out of their much I got some, in money, in lodgings, in food, in words and in deed. In the midst of nothing, I did not lack for anything; they did not let me fall.
However, for all the stars that shone in the night sky of Bethlehem of old, one showed the way to where the new born king was lain in swaddling clothes for the wise men to visit to pay homage.
A young Christian Indian family
Likewise, there in the midst of the many that gave of what they have was this family, a young Christian Indian family whose heart overflowed with such undeserved compassion, love, tenderness and mercy towards me that they invited me into their home to stay.
Their daughter with the sweetest smile you will ever see on anyone that walks this earth and so cutely fixed on a child gave up her room, happily, willingly and without reservation to joyfully have me stay with them.
We shared of everything and they constantly made me feel special, wanted and appreciated even though I was the one being supported.
Every consideration was given to make me comfortable, they refused to let my thoughts wander into the depths of despair as they fed me, watered me, gave me rest, gave me peace and gave me space.
Yet, they did not stop giving and helping from what they had, their example is one of Christian purpose with commensurate action, ever prayerful, ever humble and ever gracious.
A veritable lesson
For what they did, they brought discomfort to some who were not there to help but ready to criticise and one can understand. They had combined matchless Christian charity with incredible Indian hospitality that definitely made much of the Christian expression in our Western culture and values look wanting and lacking.
I cannot be thankful enough to this young Christian family, where they are from as they always told me was secondary to their Christian purpose in life – to help the needy, to minister to others and to give even when they did not have enough for themselves.
My prayer
In my heart of hearts, I pray that their rewards of joy, of prosperity, of health, of peace and everything that is wholesome, good and nice come upon from this time like the floods of Noah that they begin to enjoy the pleasures of Paradise from earth well into their old age and that is just the beginning of the prayers for them.
I am forever in gratitude to them for if the Acts of the Disciples were to be written today, they will deserve a chapter just to talk of their exploits – living out the Christian way.
Think about this as you conclude reading and bless them from your hearts as you do.
Thank you.

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