Thursday 16 August 2012

Thought Picnic: Take a deep breath

The full moons of time
The time has come to end a chapter and begin a new one, what started 147 months ago has come to an end without much fanfare.
A tale of suspense, sometimes with its twists and turns; a thriller of sorts; not entirely leaving him unscathed and unbowed. It started as an adventure, a change that was advised to rejuvenate one’s life with excitement – it was quite a ride.
Help and support came from a friend one met years ago in Paris, lodged until one could find feet and place, assisted in every way that allowed one to settle.
To live or not to die
A certainty of self-expression allowed one to excel in ways beyond one’s dreams, a home, developed relationships, travel and fun. It was almost a charmed existed.
When news came that one might expire that was when we did things that make many aspire, you had to live as the vibrantly living that die in the throes of the despairingly dying.
Then, the real threat came, an attack that shook to the foundations everything that made one stand; it could be over in weeks or we might be ushered into the mercy and grace of a new life after.
The blessing came in life, life after death, renewed in vigour the empires that once thrived and had fell to ruin were to be built again.
An empire in ruins
The glory of that empire never returned, that friend now a memory – a tombstone in a quiet place with a long history that has been summarised into just one name, the date of arrival and the date of departure. O, how they have come and they have gone but life goes on.
The things, the many things that brought pleasure now scattered to the four winds have wound up in the hands of strangers for a song but no sadness of loss should overwhelm the light of hope that comes with new expectation however slight.
As the morrow dawns, adieu it will be to people and places, an end that opens to a new beginning, to a place where the seed was first sown. It is time for a new ride; the thrill of the last one has long been forgotten but the memories remain for a story yet to be told in full.
Take a deep breath.

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