Friday 10 August 2012

Thought Picnic: Planning Ends

In the space of two minutes I read of two deaths all from my timeline on Twitter. I clicked on the associated links and read the stories of men who had done something their friends and colleagues that have survived them now write of.
Total recall
In the first article, I first saw vulnerability, the man was just a year older than I am and sadly had succumbed to cancer that had become malignant that all the surgeon could do was cut out what he could and leave the rest having closed him up he had general banter with him before telling him of the metastasis.
Did it not jolt my memory? It sure did, I have seen cancer up close before and it took residence under the sole of my left foot and had a way of letting me know it was there because the pain was unbearable even after the four different pain medications I took to just offer me minutes of peace in days of ache. I was sorry.
Suddenly taken
In the second article, it was about a man with wife and children, two already of age and the other two just coming of age. To all it will be a harrowing loss, I am saddened for them.
However, he did not know death was coming, he had just taken his dog for a walk and there – he had a heart attack and there his sojourn in this world ended.
His story now being told of those who knew him showed that he had been involved in interesting technological developments, ideas for business and even a start-up firm.
Planning ends
In both cases, I felt, whilst they had gone, they were not forgotten, then I wondered about what I will be remembered for and if it was not yet clear, I had better start working on something.
The first probably knew of his impending demise, wrote about it and faced its coming, though nothing is said of his having his own nuclear family. The other man probably did prepare too but in a different way as a premonition in investments, insurances and other means to ensure if he were to happen upon some misfortune his survivors will be cared for adequately.
Besides, one must have friends who will even if it is to close that chapter, tell your story before that book is closed to gather dust in the annals of time.
May both these men rest in peace and may all those they left behind find strength and fortitude to bear their losses.

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