Thursday 23 August 2012

Thought Picnic: Managing Friends for Real Privacy

Everyone needs privacy
If anything bothers me about the whole furore regarding Prince Harry’s wild and wanton frolics in Las Vegas it is the fact that he has no real friends around him.
There is no doubt that there are certain standards of behaviour expected of the young man who is third in line to the British throne, however, I am more persuaded of the fact that an exacting public persona does not need to become the whole expression of any famous personality.
Therefore, wherever he goes in the world with all the trappings and privileges he has, he should in his private time outside the requirements of official activity be able to enjoy himself as any normal person of his age should without the fear of having his private moments splashed across the global rags offering titillation, excoriation, opprobrium and commentary from the holier than thou crowd whose private sinful lives will make the devil blush.
Keeping true friends
This is where the powerful, recognisable and very rich need real friends, people who can be trusted whose friendship is borne of genuine affection rather than those star struck who for bribes and greed for filthy lucre will betray confidences just to have been seen with influential people.
People who will protect the dignity, the privacy and the secrecy of each other as if they have sworn blood oaths on the pain of death to defend to the last the relationships that have come through the roughest times unscathed.
I dare say that such can only be achieved by mixing in the circles where the person is respected yet not adulated or deified, amongst people who can be quite honest with their advice without being tongue-tied or fawning in nauseating obsequiousness. There is no easy way of saying that those of influence who seek privacy should mostly do so amongst their class or their betters.
Discernment should precede enjoyment
One can understand that the prince would not want to have an unnecessary security cocoon around himself and it will be almost impossible to vet all those that come in contact with him to know their backgrounds and motives before they are allowed to associate.
The prince himself should be more discerning and forthright, choosing his posse with a better sense of judgement; he should know those who are really devoted to him from those who are devoted to making something out of being in his circle.
Laying down some rules
I cannot say he has that much to learn from his brother, Prince William but there are lessons of history to appreciate. Some 5 years ago, Prince William and Kate Middleton went their separate ways and what I observed of that separation was Prince William not speaking up for the lady he loved when his friends made fun of her background.
I would suspect someone Prince William respects sat him down to give him a decent lecture on how first to show the essential level of respect to Kate to woo her back to be his bride and wife whilst telling him to read the Riot Act to anyone who dares snottily derogate the person of his lady.
That Kate Middleton is now a Duchess and will in time be Queen Consort of a future King William V and the heads of those who have not made restitution to Kate Middleton for their disrespect might well bring the vultures back to the Tower of London.
Meanwhile, Prince Harry needs to make a list of all his friends and ditch those are really not his friends whilst crennellating his privacy with those who matter and will fight to ensure the ramparts are never breached.

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