Tuesday 7 August 2012

Thought Picnic: Let's Do Life

The vials of time
Over the last few years my life has revolved around trepidation, expectation, validation and dates all to do with that core element of well-being; health.
In intervals of 3, 4 or 5 months, I have met with my medical consultant to review the condition of my health as indicated in the tales told by my blood.
Usually, before the meeting, I attend the blood clinic at least a fortnight to the appointment to give blood for tests much of which in 7 to 9 vials makes me think I am feeding a vampire convention holding at the hospital. The most serious issues of life are best addressed with humour; it helps the spirit, the mind and the body repair faster.
The trials of the body
When I look back, I am in awe of the complexities of the body, I have succumbed to the somewhat inconsequential and amazingly, if not miraculously weathered the seriously life threatening – because it was not even three years ago that I was at death’s door gaping wide open to receive me from the ravages of cancer – the either/or prognosis was three to five weeks at worst and at best, it will all go away because they had all they needed to aggressively tackle the problem.
In the end, the best scenario was what won through; I am a living survivor of cancer with an improving condition of health despite all other circumstances.
I last saw my consultant in March and since then a lot has happened that I have extensively written about beyond losing my home, losing everything and still in need of a job – one thing that has been on the upward trajectory has been my health.
The victuals of consequence
My friends have been feeding me too well, I have gained 5kg, 5 lead-heavy kilograms of where is that weight hanging from? My doctor is so happy we are not talking about it; I am so concerned my pretend six-pack is looking like a one-bulge.
My blood pressure is a story of amazing calm under pressure, strain, stress, worry and much else, in fact, I refuse to allow any of those negative conditions to take root such that the readings remain squarely in the normal range and somewhere close to a condition close to my 20s than what is expected of my mid-40s.
However, the most significant indicator in my blood chemistry which was literally non-existent 3 years ago that in another hospital the slightest infection would have made me a memory had improved over time but was stuck within a range for over 2 years as if it will never change – today, I was just expecting a slight improvement but to learn that it had jumped 50% into the range of medically acceptable meant I had reached a condition of health I had not had for the best part of 7 long years.
Wow! Yes, Wow! That was my exclamation when my consultant told me the news just as he commiserated with me about all the other circumstances I had encountered. They have always been interested in me beyond the medical aspects of my health just as I have also been interested in them beyond the jobs they do.
The rituals unfulfilled
My treatment advisor was busy, I did not get to chat to her but I did wave to her, she later called and we chatted about how things had changed. It was pleasant, heart-warming and more than just good-intentioned.
The catholic pastor was away on holiday though I am beginning to wonder if the ogling of the other pastor does not indicate things I will not write about today, though I have caught an eye and much else.
As I am wont to doing, I always get a printout of the last three results of my blood chemistry to research and check the progress, I need to get more phosphate-rich foods into my diet, it seems, the other I need to research further.
The residuals of elation
In the end, I am quite buoyed, elated, grateful, thankful and happy, it is a boost to everything and probably my confidence too – I am reassured that I have a life ahead of me to live as my consultant reckoned that I had such a positive perspective of life that too few people have.
There are places to go, things to do and I have the wherewithal by reason of good health to go and take hold of life and live it well.
I am thankful to God, to all my friends and well-wishers, many known, many more unknown who have given, encouraged, loved and supported me in too many ways to mention.
Thank you – Let’s do life.

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