Sunday 11 October 2009

Thought Picnic: Men without integrity

Impregnated for false purposes

I was having a chat to a friend the other day and he told me of a friend of his who had a relationship with a European girl and was in advanced plans for a marriage – a normal thing one would say.

But it wasn’t; the relationship he had with the European girl was a pretentious one with which he acquired residency papers by roping her into a false romance that included a pregnancy that had the lady stuck between commitment and abandonment whilst our friend was consummating marriage in Nigeria with someone else.

I was left aghast by the whole thing, it had to be unbelievable, but believable it was and apparently these stories are not rare.

I’ve got a big dick

The seems to be an underclass of cretin that has come to Europe without adequate and legitimate papers who through desperate measures for survival snare unwitting European girls with the myth of the sweetest taboo and follow through a romance of pretense offering good sex as the only glue to a relationship the girl thinks is going places that she gives all to legitimise the stay of her “man”, whilst the cretin has other affairs going.

Men without integrity who show no respect for their women, dishonour them with dishonest motives and destroy the lives of both the women and the abandoned child for the selfish price of getting their stay and moving on to break other hearts.

These arrogant men whose one value is in their endowments and sexual prowess that they are no better than stud baby-maker slaves of old are so into themselves that they think they are entitled to whatever they can take from others milking others dry without any compunction are abhorrent to the extreme.

The whole idea that they can be penniless or jobless and leech off the hapless, if not helpless women puts them in the genus quite well below a snake’s belly – they know themselves.

Responding for the money

In one case of stud megalomania, the inconsiderate oaf whose lady offered to get him a new jacket went off in a huff because she did not make an appointment on time, the lady had worked 18 hours of the last 36 hours and still tried her best but the guy went to sleep and refused to answer calls or respond to numerous text messages.

In a sleight of genius which indicated the lady was not taken by the guy’s stud attraction, she tested his integrity by sending him a final text with monetary assistance for a field trip and within seconds came a reply with some silly story about phone being in some other jacket.

I cringed for the totality of the male sex, these men make hens of men without hesitation, him thinking she was besotted with him when that was the sure sign that she should dump him.

Ladies, why?

Controversially, one does wonder why a certain set of ladies fall for these immigrant cons and one could almost hazard the opinion of a low personal esteem in some cases and in others trying to discover of the myth of the “well-hung black man stud” is true.

It is unfortunate that the ladies end up giving all for just that, I am already sharpening a castration machine because it is just unacceptable savagery at the least and a savage deserves immediate neutering.

Triple-timing bastard

One other case make it all the more hurtful, this guy already has his papers through another previous liaison, he then engages this girl who thinks for once, the man wants nothing though he literally lives off her.

She is promised a new life in Nigeria with all the luxuries and even visits Nigeria, is in the late stages of planning her marriage whilst being ostracised from her family then discovers her man is a bigamist which makes her a bit upset but not enough to kick the idiot out with studded boots.

The reality is this other wife is in fact the mother of a few of his kids and he is still running a clandestine but serious relationship with her, the in-joke amongst other inveterate goons is that the girl is “washbody”, implying she is fodder for his whims.

Not your respect for this

Whilst there is not much one can do to deliver these ladies from the evil that has befallen them, there is much to be said about the type of man any woman should dare to commit to regardless of his animal passion which should count for nothing.

Where a man would not respect you, honour you, treat you with dignity and integrity, you have no business giving him a second of your time; talk less of your body.

In any event, discarding my English reserve, there are wolves out there seeking the vulnerable to exploit and prey on in desperate survival schemes, do NOT be baited by his dick and as sure as you breath, you do not want his seed.

Look in the mirror each morning and say, “I will not negotiate away my respect, dignity or honour for sex or heartbreak, I have no business being in the arms of a man without integrity”. In my humble opinion, every lady deserves a gentleman.

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