Thursday 15 October 2009

Settling back at home

Do not forget with the passing of time

It is now coming to a week since I returned home from hospital and the final batch of my medicines and dressings were delivered in a box as big as one for a standard microwave.

I left hospital with a passion to address a number of things and I should take heed that I do not weary because I have returned to comfort and convenience – I am a changed man nevertheless and what has become of me shall definitely be defining for the present to the future.

The nurse comes each day to dress my foot as I limp, halt and sometimes hobble around the house. I have diligently documented the times for the as-needed pain medication to prevent the under usage of mistaken overdoses.

I do that every 6 hours but the pain just begins to show up just about from the fifth hour, between temptation and endurance, on endures.

Chairs on crutches

My crutches also arrived on Monday and it took a number of adjustments to get them to the right height, yesterday I also got a shower chair which was a funny order because it had been ordered as a chair for my wife who I cannot for the moment find and I think someone felt they should check just in case.

Apparently, the chairs differ for the sexes; I would suppose the other kind of chair, if I allow my imagination to run wild probably has stirrups – O well.

I need to get a second foot protector for the shower, for my feet must be kept out of water because the skin is dry and soaks up water like wool, they must also be kept moisturised.

Homely situations

I get a few things done around the house but neighbours and friends are the most helpful companions – I eat well and really enjoy my food, there is nothing like having a good home-cooked meal.

I have not switched on my television since I returned home, I did not watch television either for the 18 days I was in hospital, I have found other things to occupy my time edifyingly and usefully.

My bicycle has been retrieved from where it had been shackled after my friend lost the keys, it means I would now have opportunity to get out a bit and collect a few things waiting for me at the post office that requires personal identification before collection.

Again, I am thankful for all the help, support, flowers, calls and messages of encouragement I have received, I am grateful.

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