Thursday 8 October 2009

One more night

Wheeled about the place

Days follow nights like a wheel rolls forward and it is now the 17th day since I took residence in this hospital bed. In fact, I have changed wards once and my bed seemed to be squeaking that it was changed after 5 days.

I have been through so many departments either in the bed or an adapted wheel chair with a raised leg. For the blood pressure analysis which had the pads applied to both arms and shins with ultrasound readings and my chemotherapy session, the bed was the vehicle.

For the dermatological analysis and ophthalmological examinations, the wheel chair was used.

Just one more day

I am completely in the mood to go home and finally the professor has said I can leave on Friday once all the home help arrangements and necessary out-patient arrangements have been made.

The yellow coat treatment has not been as scary as I first suggested, it only matters in intimate things like handling fluids and beddings slept in.

It was interesting to see the lady who came foe blood on Tuesday not knowing about cytostatic procedures, I would not let her touch me till she found out and she became the first to don the protective suit.

Beginning my hospital crusades

I have been quiet tired during the day and hence the lack of activity I got some home cooking yesterday, deliciously adventurous, I had never tried the shrimp, fish, sweet potato casserole before. Miles ahead of our regular fare which must face the wrath of activism once I am out of this place.

I have also changed to using the designer hospital tunics which seem to have no front or back, I suppose you wear the buttons to the back for ladies and to the front for gentlemen.

I had a visit from the hospital chaplain, it was nice to chat about so many issues and the three main ones that I intend to get occupied with are hospital food, hospital visitation and the importance of neighbourliness.

Christian charity beyond compare

I had an offer from a dear friend to recuperate at her place from next week, such christianly care and concern I have always had from her, words fail me. Because of her recent indisposition the news of my hospitalisation was kept from her, but the moment she found out, the milk of human kindness flowed from her like Noah’s flood over me – I cried. Words fail me, again.

Now, I know why I have not been able to get someone to contact me from my church, there is an upheaval but it would not prosper – they have blessed me so much, they are in my thoughts and prayers, good people should be able to enjoy the fruits of their labour of love and compassion they should and must do so.

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