Saturday 3 October 2009

A slumbering machine operator

Do not operate machinery

As I stumbled out of slumber and took my anti-thrombosis injection in the thigh muscle before being wished a good night by the nurse, I thought.

Medicines that say do not operate machinery because these might cause drowsiness and wondered if operating the bed-adjustment buttons on my hospital bed amounted to machinery.

Thus leaving me at the risk of being flipped like a pancake in the frenetic state of trying to manage my fingers with the slowness of cranial activity one is suffering from.

Then, does that mean writing a blog is in danger of coming out wrong? Then you realise the idea of machinery that comes to you is about forklifts than buttons even though buttons can do more damage than shifting gears.

Slobbering over gourmet

My wonderful day that slipped by in the midst of involuntary slumber was blessed by visits which included a goodly portion of rice and some rather hot Yoruba stew.

The dietician would wonder why I was able to gulp that down and only sniff at the hospital fare, as if it were not obvious enough. Coming into hospital has meant I have to change my diet completely which in the best Dutch restaurants could be excellent but from a hospital canteen is fit for 3 Michelin tyres without the rims.

And that is a commendation given too generously.

We are ward mates

Haven’t had much conversation with my ward mates, we seem to be in our different world, the matriarch is 84 and not looking much over 65, the new entry is 50, tattooed all over like a Hell’s Angel and she speaks with a monotone voice and the drawl of someone who has smoked all her life – it appears she cannot read too, her partner is here from the first minute of visitation to the last.

The man beside me is 65, tanned like he returned from Spain yesterday; he looks fit and healthy but for what has kept him here for 4 weeks. Apparently, the suppositories are not working for him, unfortunately.

I am prepared for communion, I have my wine ready, I am definitely not doing the abridged version this time and hopefully the padre knows the words to that part.

Good night!

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