Saturday 10 October 2009

After my 1st day back

Is that the time?

My first full day at home started with a consecration unto God and thanks for what was going to be a wonderful day ahead.

Parts of the night were sleepless but never without the energy of something comforting, edifying, ministering or soothing from music, through teachings, to messages or Bible books being read.

Outside hospital I also have to learn a new regime of drug ingestion at particular time intervals during the day and combining 4-hour cycles with 8-hour cycles, 12-hour cycles and 24-cycles depending on whether I have eaten, not eaten or am busy eating might well be a boot camp of sorts.

I cannot say I got my first exercise out with the best of flying colours. When I got up, I was at the datum where something had to be taken before breakfast, during breakfast and after breakfast according to the packaging but not as my memory served me when I was in hospital.

Binding the wounds

Anyway, after a breakfast cereal of sugar puffs in whole milk, I downed the medicines and sought my bed again.

I was in deep sleep when I heard some ringing and the confusion of awaking left me wondering if it was my Skype, my telephone or my cellphone and when none responded to touch, I realised it was my door entry phone.

The nurse has arrived to dress my foot, after scurrying around for the treatment notes in which I was described as a friendly Englishman, he got down to it with me offering tips for the best kind of wrapping.

Memories for the embrace

Meanwhile, I was waiting for my 1st cousin from England who had offered to visit, he being the closest of family to see me. I did not know he was driving down, but he arrived with a friend and gifts along with memories of childhood that lit us all up.

By the time I had persuaded them to a game of Scrabble I was in the kitchen cooking and just them playing. I made a pot of spicy yam porridge called asaro and served them at the game, I even took second helpings as did my cousin – don’t even think about that other place.

The atmosphere was perfumed with the musical prowess of vintage Ebenezer Obey in his earlier juju-music days; it turned out to be a wonderful day.

They left after just over 6 hours to catch their ferry back to London at Calais and I was just a spent that my fingers just fell on keys and persisted because I had dozed off.

The significance of his visit is that he is visiting Nigeria next week and would be able to seek my folk and let them know he had seen me and I am fine.

I found an old 7-day/4 schedules pill box but then with the size of my pills, they did not fit perfectly. In fact, since some prescriptions would be dropping off the cycle soon, there is no need to acquire another dainty little box of tricks because the other support drugs are only to be taken as needed rather than by regime.

I’m home, I’m happy – Praise God!

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