Saturday 3 October 2009

Nausea abates by suppository

Sickly night

The night ere the last was one that was, each second ticked along as hour long intervals of nauseating discomfort, not one for the memories but one to be forgotten.

I hate it; it is rotten, full of really sickly colours and gushes out against the force of gravity with a vengeance too compelling with involuntary spasms of soon to be expected relief.

So, four times overnight I regurgitated the exclusive hospital gourmet till my body was conditioned into realising you could only throw up content, the channelling remains in the body. It was horrible.

The mouth is no good at stopping nausea

The commonsense of medicine is sometimes amusing, since I had the intravenous system attached I was fed an anti-nausea drug, as one should expect, if you could not keep things down, then ingesting an anti-nausea drug was far from smart.

By then I had noticed that most of my medication was coming in pills and beginning to replace my tethered medicine bag.

Nursing so selfless

In the morning, the nurse removed the intravenous drip-deed system completely and this meant I could get around, well hardly, the pain that ran to my feet when I stepped off the bed for a shower was excruciating, I threw away all inhibitions and let the nurse bath me, she was gentle on my crown jewels.

I must recognise the unflinching selflessness of the nurses, kindly, comforting, helping and supportive, it is a calling of great responsibility which taps off character traits very rare in the streets – empathy, compassion and concern ooze out of every pore and what is sometimes a thankless job has not made them any less willing to give and give more.

I did wonder how the nausea problem would be resolved, well with suppositories which I now insert at least 30 minutes before meals – most amenable application of anti-nausea medication.

A dozed off day

The day however is as sleepy as Snow White’s 7 dwarves would have been, sleepy, droopy – I was drowsy all through, I could not multitask or finish the blog meant for yesterday and I was hardly online.

I had guests, my neighbour, unexpected but full of initiative with Newsweek and Time magazines under arm, then my ex-work colleagues all the way from the South of Holland – I am exceedingly grateful, it means a lot to me and their friendship is cherished exceedingly.

I hope today would be livelier and more eventful, but in any case, it is still the day the Lord made and waking up being glad and full of praise sets the tone for not dwelling on useless stuff.

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