Friday 23 October 2009

It's more chemo on Monday

Funny acting toes

I went back to hospital for my first main appointment with the consultants at oncology. Meanwhile the nurse that tends my foot was concerned that the skin of my third toe on the left foot had peeled back exposing a bigger lesion compared to the original lesion which was at the base of the second toe.

He had booked another appointment to follow that with oncology to have my toes assessed for an opinion and some course of action.

The main lesion at the middle of the foot itself is healing well with the occasional pain, but it is doing quite well.

Chemo again on Monday

After the doctor observed the foot, he brought in the consultant who after observation suggested I undertake a second course of chemotherapy which had already been booked for next Monday before I was discharged from hospital 2 weeks ago.

I really had hoped not to have to take another course of chemotherapy but then I put it down to necessary treatment, I would tolerate it just as I did the first time and prayerfully even better.

Toe inspections and comments

An emergency appointment was then scheduled for me to see surgery just to determine the state of my toes, after taking copious notes; the doctor finally checked the toes and then called in the consultant.

Thankfully, I had taken in some extra bandaging material because after seeing oncology I could not fully bandage up the foot and then undo it for observation at surgery.

The consultant felt the reason the skin was peeling off was because the fatty gauze used to cover the lesions also made the skin rather moist and hence prone to disintegration, we need to find a balance between using the gauze and other treatments.

This would have required another appointment with the wounds nurse who was not available today. It appears when I do go for chemo on Monday, I would get to see the wounds nurse and maybe then they’ll have some new ideas.

However, the consultant did not think much else should be done to the toes apart from the everyday dressing I get.

A swab was taken of the toe lesion and sent for analysis, I just need to lie down, there are a few things that need doing round the apartment but for now, some sleep would come in very helpful.

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