Friday 14 July 2006

Spooky Brother Act as Spook goes to Court

Facial identities spook Polish leadership

And so we have a situation in Poland where the difference between the President and the Prime Minister is clearly elusive.

The President - Lech has just sworn in the Prime Minister - Jaroslaw who happens to be his identical twin brother. Whilst they have both attained their status by merit of democratic success, the jury is out as to how this bodes for the future of Poland.

I suppose this real life Brother Act is just aping the lyrics of the Hollywood film Sister Act where she sings, I will follow him

We can now rest assured that whilst minutes are recorded of formal meetings between leaders of a nation, we might be lucky to receive the weeks of deliberations as either twin probably already reads the mind of the other. Poland is going through a spooky season.

The vice of spook defacements

Talking about spooks, one sister is in court claiming substantial damages from the Vice President and the Architect for exposing her a spook in contempt of the actions of her husband in debunking the mountain of lies that lead us to Iraq.

In fact, I wish it were more of a class action suit, because the Special Counsel has shied away from the controversial by only indicting the lowly Chief of Staff in the Vice President's office. With the nickname scooter, it was quite ominous that he literally had to scoot out of office with a broken limb.

Anyway, I would hope this case runs its course, not only did the culprits hold the whole secret service in contempt, considering how they are trying hard to keep their own illegal activities secret, they endangered the lives of many who might have collaborated with Valery Plame and ruin the career of the young lady to further their own ends.

It was spiteful, unconscionable, despicable and beneath contempt - the law should have a look into this and justice should exact a heavy price to show that nobody even as high as the President is above the law.

Bully for you - Sister!

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