Monday 3 July 2006

Hocus Pocus Zim Bab We Arghhh!

A national day of spells beckons

Forgive my petulance as I try to imitate a possible chant in a ceremony in celebration of witchcraft in Zimbabwe as news arrives that witchcraft has been legalised.

This is most interesting considering hardly over a week ago, Mr Mugabe called a National Day of Prayer which was boycotted by senior Christian leaders or any sizeable Christian followership.

So, with the legal recognition of witchcraft, one can cynically expect that a National Day of Spells might have more of a participation to boost Mr Mugabe’s ego and incessant vituperative diatribe.

It goes without saying that Zimbabwe and its over 12 million people have been under a most treacherous spell – the looming, brooding, foreboding and malicious spell of Mr Robert Mugabe since he got his hands on the levels of absolute government on December 31st 1987.

Leading from best to least

A country though land-locked was the bread basket of Southern Africa and as independence was declared showed great promise, but under the leadership of derision and tyranny of Mr Mugabe, the country announced a record inflation of over 1000%.

Excerpted from Wikipedia

The “so-called” reforms of Mr Mugabe introduced has given Zimbabwe the epithet of having the lowest life expectancy in the world – how miserable life really has become in Zimbabwe.

Great age little wisdom

All Mr Mugabe can muster with bombastic bluster is that the West is responsible for the problems of Zimbabwe. Maybe, that is the case, but a man of his quite elder years of 82 should have the wise head to resolve differences that turned Zimbabwe from a conduit of prosperity to an island of misery.

That is really a moot point; Mr Mugabe has simply mortgaged the soul of his country and suffers from delusions of grandeur that his leadership is for the better of Zimbabweans.

For a man to have presided over such a decline of fortunes of his fatherland and still hold his face up high in complete denial and braggadocio is breathtaking at best.

Giving witchcraft a mission

The new legalisation of witchcraft which probably stems from the President’s inability to muster favourable church support is revealing – one can only surmise that if the use of witchcraft does not sustain Mr Mugabe in mind and body, it has not helped stave off the disaster of Zimbabwe.

In Africa, his age has prevented critical analysis of his tenure and condemnation of his actions, the pall of patriarchalism has not served us well, and Mr Mugabe is definitely no Mr Mandela.

Where a man in all his evil refuses to depart in the quest of eternal incumbency we have one great hope, the mortality of man – I wish Mr Mugabe no evil, but the witch doctors have their work cut out.

For all the evil they have allowed to befall Zimbabwe, the greatest evil to bring the most beneficial good would be bring Mr Mugabe to the point of complete breathlessness and repose.

The sacrifice of one man for the good of his country call only be Mr Mugabe’s highest calling – be long – shall we honour the man as the Great Martyr of Zimbabwe or humour the man as the Great Old Oaf of Zimbabwe?

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