Friday 7 July 2006

Marie Fatayi-Williams - A mother for peace

Marie Fatayi-Williams exemplified in entirety the depth of grief and loss that encompassed the terrorist events of July 7, 2005 as she sought her son in the aftermath of the attack.

Yoruba culture abhors the having children pre-decease their parents, but this one voice what straddled the diversity of affected people spoke up for a bereavement that cannot be assuaged.

At the time when she first spoke on television, her words were piercing to the sinews as her articulation expressed anguish, anxiety, hope and despair, however, she was not lost in this circumstance as she said all this should stop.

In the memorial service today, again, she spoke powerfully and movingly, no one within hearing of her message could be immune to palpable sway of deep emotion.

Then in an interview with Sky News, she sent a message to young men who might be persuaded of such evil – What purpose does it serve and what do you achieve?

The terrorists have not stopped the war in Iraq, nor eased the sufferings in Palestine or the presumed humiliation of Muslims or Arabs.

However, these issues constitute the breeding grounds for the causes of terror; we need to take the thunder out of terrorists by solving these problems - that is the challenge to all our leaders.

Marie Fatayi-Williams clearly poses that challenge to all and she has the voice that would get things going.


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