Sunday 2 July 2006

Paris - from triumph to agreement

No flicker on Picasa

Having taken a good few photographs, I was met with the problem of how to publish them. So, to Google, I went searching for web ablums and I got introduced to Picasa Web Albums, part of the Google behemoth which I think is a play on Picasso the artist.

Easy as everything seemed including the deals and so on, I usually subscribe to any Internet service that would provide me value, performance and service – this goes for my hotmail and blog service.

So, how do I subscribe to the Picasa thingy? I need a Gmail account.

How do I get a Gmail account? I need to be introduced but another Gmail member or get an SMS message sent to my mobile phone. So, I go for the second option.

You cannot be serious, the Netherlands is not in the list, in fact, no European country appears in that list. Well, that is one lost customer for Google and one gain for Yahoo – getting on does not involve extraneous and sanctimonious controls – I hate frustrated access – it puts me off and I sure would not be doing Gmail – not ever.

I just have to bear the silliness of greetings like Aloha AkinNLD! on flickr – One is seriously not impressed.

Paris ma belle ville

Anyways, I could offer myself as a mini-tour guide to Paris, I have done it a few times taking friends and relations round Paris and helping them understand that they do not have to see Paris and die.

Usually, my guests only have two nights to spend in Paris, so major attractions like the Louvre Museum are out of the question.

Usually, I concentrate on the views and the landmarks; first thing to do is the Eiffel Tower to the very top – a must, a time out for lunch and a trip on the tour bus. In a romantic setting it would be dinner on the 53rd floor of the Montparnasse Tower the tallest building in Paris, facing the Eiffel Tower at night.

Alternatively, go up to the Grande Arche in the Place de La Défense and just have a time there.

In other cases, one can walk up or down the Champs-Élysées Avenue between the Place de la Concorde and the Arc de Triomphe.

I must confess that doing the Champs-Élysées at night saves you the urge and temptation others have to go into every shop with fools gold and too much glitter especially if you have to adjudge if the ring fits or the necklace design is right.

On a very sunny day, walking through the Jardins des Tuileries from Place de le Concorde to the Louvre is one exciting view – today, I did the Arc de Triomphe to Louvre plod recorded a few things of interest.

I took quite a number of pictures and you can find them on my flickr album.

Just in case you are wondering about the title - it is about my walk from the Arc de Triomphe (triumph) to Place de la Concorde (harmony/agreement).

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