Monday 31 July 2006

Somehow, Israel can do no wrong

{All pictures courtesy of The Truth Would Set You Free}

Fine, the Jews are God’s Chosen People, however, I fear for the situation where this is also read as Israel can do no wrong.

The bomb that dropped on Qana yesterday came from Israel, probably beautifully autographed, blessed and prayed over by some God-fearing leaders of Jewish communities and their kids.

Saying a little prayer - Let there be carnage in Qana?

Hezbollah did start this war, but they definitely did not drop that bomb, it is also clear that Israel did not know if Hezbollah rockets came from any of the buildings targeted, nor is it clear if recently any rockets had been fired from that village.

It is all well and good that Israel had the wherewithal to drop leaflets calling on villagers to leave, but did not check if they had left, amidst their bombing of convoys, roads and bridges.

At night, one would also thing their night vision glasses would have indicated that their precision weaponry was going to obliterate so many civilian lives.

The tragedy of a second chaperoning of the angel of death to Qana by Israel in 10 years is sad enough, and then, it targeted people in a UN shelter.

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