Tuesday 25 July 2006

Evidence of good medical research

Sorting the post from the most

One postal worker would probably be flooded with more mail than she can handle today she is 28 this day.

As if to underscore the importance of this day, by coincidence after the veto of stemmed understanding of the values of research across the pond,last week. Europe, only yesterday, voted to continue funding embryonic stem cell research.

It is no wonder that major medical breakthroughs like the test-tube baby; heart transplant surgery and cloning were developed outside the United States.

We can expect other medical advancements to occur at a faster pace around the world as the prude and the Puritan wrestle with the politicisation of matters of important medical import.

The said postal worker is Louise Brown, the first person conceived through in-vitro fertilisation.

Happy Birthday, Louise and here is to medical advancements in Europe and all around the world where the pursuit of the well being of mankind transcends feeble religious bunkum.

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