Wednesday 5 July 2006

Justice! Delayed, denied and deceased

Death is a spoiler

The shock and sadness of it all - death interrupts human proceedings as they slothfully grind the rigid wheels of justice, the frailty of man intervenes leaving others with a sense of greater loss.

A few months ago, Slobodan Milosevic departed the land of the living whilst he waited to be adjudged and sentenced, now, for all the damage caused by the collapse of Enron - Mr Kenneth Lay is now of blessed memory - much as many would prefer that he be of accursed memory.

Both men died of heart attacks, and it is time for the people that work in the Justice industry to realise that the calamity of being charged for crimes that people protest their innocence to, does have far reaching effects than the protestations.

The people deteriorate daily and eventually expire, there is a thin line between defiance and despondency in those situations and many have crossed that line unawares and left things unsettled.

Mr Lay, may have left a legacy of the biggest fraudulent and corrupt scandal un US corporate history, but he will not more see the endless jousting of lawyers who fight by the week but charge by the second.

How are the mighty fallen and how blighted the future of the many who lost to the creativeness of Mr Kenneth Lay.

All eyes now turn to Mr Skilling, he will need more than the force to be with him.

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