Thursday 6 May 2021

Thought Picnic: Being here for yourself

All that show

Coming from my left side crossing the road, he began running in front of me to what intent I could not determine. I felt like saying to him, “Dude, I am already in the 8th kilometre of my walk and on my way home.”

I move at my own pace, with lots of people running past me and into the horizon by the time I have blinked twice. There are people who walk faster than I can, and they are not exercising, they are strolling along and what has that to do with me?

Steady I go

My pace works for me and the benefits of what I do for myself will be noticed on me rather than on other people. I am usually into my 5th or 6th kilometre before I meet anyone, I can exchange a greeting with, in the mornings, I am left to my own thoughts most of the time and the riverside sounds of nature.

It reminds me of when I arrived at the Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro to see a junior of mine from secondary school, in fact, the first I exercised seniority rights on, he was in the final year, whilst I had wasted 5 years before. It probably would have been a testimony of karma for him, but I was not there for him, I was there to find myself, make my mark and thrive, I did.

A wonderful life

I have no idea what he went on to do, but the story it became for me was I was minding my own business, there were times I was ahead and winning, other times I was behind and losing, many times failing woefully, but the sum of it all when put in the ledger of life, I have been blessed beyond measure and have lived an extraordinary life. My story is mine, not for others to be written into it to take away my voice.

The chap who ran ahead of me was soon panting and slowed down to a walk, can I even remember what he looks like? It does not matter, live your life, your truth, on your terms and in your own way. It will come good and in the scheme of things, it can be beautiful, wonderful, successful, joyful, full of love and excellent. You run along, my pace suits me well. Thank you.

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