Saturday 8 May 2021

Some things we see and remember

Stories and recollections

Reading a piece about Nicky Clarke, a stylist of the stars and handler of the tresses for occasions significant and there was one that made for some rue moment of recall. Only this afternoon, I happened upon a video of Lionel Richie starting off the singing of We Are The World at a concert in 1999.

It was Pavarotti & Friends for Guatemala and Kosovo, Luciano Pavarotti had hosted a War Child benefit concert that he had invited some fellow artistes and performers to. Well, it so happens that Nicky Clarke was doing the tresses of Sarah, Duchess of York’s hair, when she asked him to do the hair of her mate also. That mate was Diana, Princess of Wales who was to attend a Pavarotti in the Park concert at Hyde Park in 1991.

One word is everything

I remember that occasion well because that night, it rained everything the heavens could offer, and one of all the headlines, it was ‘Pavawetti’ that stood out as unforgettable. Nicky Clarke gives us something to reminisce about, he says, “There was a torrential downpour, and her hair was drowned. She still looked fabulous.” [BBC – On This Day: 1991: Pavarotti sings in the British rain]

The casual nature of going from doing the hair of a duchess to that of a princess and more so the relationship between sisters-in-law, the uncanny situation that links Pavarotti from a passing Internet surf to a magazine story, for all the many concerts at which Pavarotti performed, the English weather made this stand out. Many different stories creating a new narrative.

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