Saturday 29 May 2021

The fellowship of eyebrows

Eyebrows in the spotlight

My beau is always ready to run a clipper through his hair long before it has grown, however, anytime his scalp is shorn something else comes to prominence, his eyebrows. Quite a few names come to mind when I think of eyebrows. Alistair Darling whose coiffed highlights are boldly contrasted to his darkened eyebrows.

Then we have the megalomaniac, Robert Maxwell whose storied life is one of notoriety and ignominy that appears to have congenitally afflicted his daughter Ghislaine who languishes under the US justice system for her association with Jeffrey Epstein, the alleged sex abuser and trafficker. He boasted a distinct set of brushers.

All the face lights up

However, it is Denis Healey that takes the prize with decorative relish that would put an owl to shame. They arc upwards like horns; they cannot be unseen.

Now, Brian would not appear to be in the league of the Fellows of the Exaggerated Eyebrow Confraternity, but in the videos we exchange in the mornings, his choreographic prowess is demonstrated in his dancing eyebrows, as his fully expressive face exudes a light of happiness and the joy of smiles from the jawline including the eyes. Always a beauty to watch and for which I might again be told off to await punishment just for writing about this.

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