Wednesday 5 May 2021

Fit on the walking side of lights

I am not for the gym

You will not see me in a gym pumping iron, the truth is I have never been a consistent gymgoer, the draw, the interest, the desire, and the drive soon wears off in novelty whilst the gym happiest cashes in a direct debit payment monthly with glee.

When it comes to gym equipment, I have enough stashed away around my apartment and under my bed for any regime to tone anything you want on your body to the muscles that can make your ears wag like elephant ears.

The walks do suit me

Yet, I find myself enjoying the walking exercises with some consistency that surprises me. The rain, the sun, the cold, the time, and whatever the weather is no impediment to getting out to do the basic 10,000 steps and a little more.

Now, I might not wake up early for my dawn walks especially if I have not put in enough sleep overnight, but soon after work, I will be on the trot, the regular route if there is still some light or the major well-lit roads when it is dark.

Black objects in the dark

I do worry about many of my fellow road users, the cars would obviously have their lights on, too many cyclists have no lights, especially the delivery couriers and they are in dark clothes too, a danger to themselves and others as moving black objects in the dark. I will have flashing LED armbands to at least make people aware that I am there.

Four vehicles flashing their blue lights, some with their sirens blaring probably needing to be somewhere fast to bring help or take the wounded or ill to the hospital. Emergency Ambulance the writing on the vans read. It made we wonder when is an ambulance not an emergency vehicle? Then, maybe there is a fee for the number of letters painted on the vehicle, do you know?

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