Tuesday 22 December 2020

The Wizard of Bulawayo

In the flux of thought

Sometimes, someone thinks I am crazy, thoughts and words, the conversation develops from topic to topic exploring ideas and possibilities, I find myself in a stream of inspiration, a muse to arouse, a hint to follow, a leading you cannot resist the temptation to follow, rarely to an end but on the way to something interesting.

I did miss the sighting of the Star of Bethlehem last night, I saw another star that I persuaded some could be what none had seen before and it just happened to be big and brilliant, high up on a resplendently lit Christmas tree, that one lady what wonder what I had been smoking. I probably stopped smoking before she was born.

However, what I have finally realised is there is literally nothing Brian cannot do, that somewhere from the recesses of thought and exclamation, the only fitting appellation that springs sonorously to the lips is the Wizard of Bulawayo.

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