Tuesday 8 December 2020

After 17 years blogging is as easy as it is hard

Kinds of stage fright

Give me a microphone and no matter how well planned out my speech is, whether written and prepared over many agonising editions of content, context, meaning, intent, concision whilst pertinent and relevant or unscripted, my voice begins to quaver, I have a kind of stage fright, I am not naturally a public speaker.

This blog and the day was going to be dedicated to another to celebrate 17 years of blogging, it is important to me because apart from my career this is a personal venture I have continued under my own steam, following my own rules and expressing my own views, from the silly to the serious.

We can all blog

Maybe through practice or sheer force of will and it is probably the latter, I will say to anyone that blogging is easy. We then to overthink and get overwrought which then overwhelms us that we lose that flow, the ability to express ourselves, the simplicity it entails becomes a complexity insurmountable, just like when my trembling voice is amplified to me hearing by a microphone. I am a better conversationalist than witnessing me in that setting will suggest.

Yet, I believe everyone has stories to tell and there is no one better to tell your story than yourself, that is why I encourage blogging for it is your perspective, how you are affected, what is your experience and your full control of the narrative – it is amazing how an authentic relation of ideas, events, or experiences can resonate with others in ways the writer might never have anticipated. It is always to the cause of our shared humanity.

As we grow old

Last year, I asked Brian, my boyfriend then and fiancé now to help write a commemorative blog for completing 16 years of blogging, I could not have had a better person to give that platform. We are getting married and I do hope to have more of his contributions to my blogs, he might well become the custodian of this compendium of 3,333 blogs.

He also started blogging in March of this year, he writes quite beautifully, we just have a fright of the audience, him of writing and I of my voice, I think we will find a way to fix it for each other and get better it.

Blog - Brian's Point of View

I hope to celebrate many more years of blogging and write celebratory blogs on the 8th of the December, I have been blessed and I am thankful for readers, contributors, skimmers, browsers, commenters, and supporters who have visited my blog over the years, your patronage is both kind and encouraging. To another milestone in blogging.

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