Friday 4 December 2020

Repeated patterns of wonder

The rhythm of nature

We live by rhythms; some we are entirely in tune with and others we are completely oblivious of. Finding one’s rhythm in life and endeavour allows us to operate at our best in any undertaking. It rocks you and puts you into the flow opening you to amazing experiences.

Each person has rhythms unique to themselves that could then be rhythmically synchronised with that of another, the way like minds work together to bring ideas into reality or hearts are in tune in the expression of love.

I listen out for rhythms to bring calmness and peace from the nature that surrounds me. The chirping of birds or the beauty of birdsong, the roar of a river over cataracts or the bristling as it runs over or around obstacles. People out speaking to each other or laughing as they catch the bliss of their communities.

We sway in the comfort of the breeze that blows into our faces as a smile envelopes those cheeks when a memory slips into our consciousness. We must live by the rhythm for out of it a story gets told.

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