Tuesday 8 December 2020

Congratulations on 17 years of blogging from Brian


On this day we join you in celebrating 17 years of writing blogs. From the first moment I was introduced to http://www.akinblog.nl/ I have enjoyed reading every word. The views you share on the various topics in your blogs are always thought-provoking, insightful, and inspiring.

I have been amazed at how you seemingly get to write on so many issues and are able to get this done with such effortless ease. Many of the blogs that you have published are well researched and informative.

I admire your skill with words and it only makes me more believe that you are certainly a logophile. For someone like me, writing even a short text is always an enormous challenge but somehow you have successfully ignited a passion for the art of writing.

It is always a pleasure reading your blog as it leaves one greedy for more. From this point on we continue to wait and look forward to the publication of your book of which I am sure will be a best seller.

Once again, Congratulations on 17 years of blogging. May you continue to inspire us all with your good work, we all look forward to many more interesting reads coming from your desk. 

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