Monday 31 August 2020

An Augustine walk of life

Doing more than I thought
I think I have gained the ability to exert myself in ways I would have never considered not too long ago. In planning my walk for yesterday after church, I considered walking to Sale Water Park, my course was just over 7 kilometres with an estimated duration of about 90 minutes.
Along the way, a confusion of road signs left me veering off course, but not away from the bearing, for soon I recognised a place I had walked to some weeks ago and was able to redirect my path under I got to the banks of the River Mersey.
It was my intention to return home for our Sunday soiree drinks, so I walked up to a tram stop and made it just in time for the drinks.
Stretching the goals
Today, being a Bank Holiday, I could also not be happier for the fact that this was the first time in seven years our neighbourhood did not have to endure the cacophonous revelling of Manchester Pride which occurs for 4 days from Friday at the August Bank Holiday. One appreciable benefit of the pandemic, one might say.
However, I had another look at the route to Sale Water Park, but instead of going there, I veered left after Hardy Farm towards Chorlton Water Park which extended my walk to just over 9 kilometres.
To lengths that surprise
After taking a rest by the lake, I walked on the north bank of the Mersey to Princess Road and then over the river back down and to the Sale Water Park tram stop, altogether another 4 kilometres, but which time I had done enough for the day.
I only started measuring my exercise activity on the 7th of August and I have done 337.44 kilometres of walking in 25 days. That is a feat I would never have thought possible. It is good fun; I think the girth is trimming and the pounds are beginning to fall away. The test of all this would be in keeping it off rather than presenting a yo-yo effect. What I need to investigate is how my pace is getting better, but my heart rate is stuck in the fat-burning range when I need to be in the aerobic range.
Tomorrow, I should have the month statistics for review.

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