Saturday 22 August 2020

The excuse of the life of a stalker

Stalking into swamps

It has come to my notice rather shockingly and unsettlingly that some people yet unknown have a preoccupation with not minding their own business. For one reason or another, a celebration of middle-aged gay love has infuriated them to the point that what circumstance and providence has brought together they are inclined to put asunder.
For me, it is of no consequence, I know the promises I have made and the commitments I intend to keep. My life is mine to live whilst those others who out of the misery in their own existence think they have the power to share that misery to upset the situation in others.
The life of a stalker is a curmudgeonly existence of dissatisfaction with their world as they try to project their miserable lives to find some vacuous fulfilment. The walk in the shadows and never in the light. As we ply the paved roads of solid and sturdy engineering, they stomp and sink in swamps infested with critters, snakes and disease. They are in the pain of heart and soul.
We have something
There is no doubt that we live in trying times, the pandemic has placed limitations and restrictions on things we would have liked to do, but that is temporary, the night can only last so long before that dawn despatches it into a forever eternity and the light, the warmth and the beauty is once again exposed to view.
I have a past, it is my story, my present has its struggles and uncertainties, my future is one of hope, expectation, promise and love that cannot be swayed. To the inconsequential busybodies whose happiness has for whatever reason been removed from them as far as the east is from the west, I sympathise, I can even empathise, but for all you are attempting to foment between Brian and I, you will fail so well to be an object of pity.
We will get married and show the world what we have, not just for that fact that it is a good thing, maybe in a small way there is someone out there plagued by identity and acceptance who would find realisation and purpose in living out their truly exuberant lives. We are not going away, get that straight and clear. Thank you.

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