Thursday 13 August 2020

The measure of the day and beyond

Beyond the hurdles

At work, it is a negotiation of the politics and empires that leave us pitched in turf wars where one’s basic mission is to provide service continuity regardless of the circumstances. It just feels strange that working for the same organisation, rather than facilitate some seem to find professional status in frustrating things.

You draw on your deepest communication tools of illustration, scenarios, and persuasion in the hope that the reasonableness of the proposed direction would appeal to the better part of acquiescence where refusal is the default position.

Many things and thanks

On the mind is also the desire that the restrictions locally, nationally, and internationally get eased for travel and a modicum of tourism. Though my reason for wanting this is closer to the heart, it’s been so long for too long, but we keep faith and assurance than things would change for the better.

Quite full of gratitude, I am, the kind of energy that courses through my veins that I just go on 15-kilometre walks, just like that and return home feeling literally nothing from all that walking. Just a few weeks ago, I would barely do 2,500 steps in an hour and now, I can see times when I am putting in over 3,800 steps.

I am indeed grateful for the gift of life over 10 years after cancer that there can be some pleasure in exercise and great expectations of love and more. Each day is the renewal of hope, strengthened in the knowledge that someone loves me as much as I love him. We have a word ahead of us and we would go there and to places, we have only dared dream of too. Our preparations are apace.


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