Monday 3 August 2020

Pressing beyond the strain

Pain on the wane

I am no glutton for punishment but I had to get beyond the pain barrier or the fear of it would lead to fitness recidivism, a kind of practised custom I so easily default to before I see the gains I aim for.
What I really want to do is shed pounds and kilogrammes, I am not counting calories nor following a diet, not that diets or dieticians show much knowledge of global foods especially of my West African cuisine. I follow a commonsense view of moderation, take the good just not to excess.
That means, I love my full milk and real butter, there is no silliness of living the land of skimmed milk and synthetic honey, not what was promised in the Bible and surely, I not taking any less today.
Stalking to a higher step
Yesterday, despite the fact that I was in much pain when I approached the altar for communion, I felt good enough later in the afternoon to add another 13,000 steps to my daily tally to bring my total to 17,705 steps and not a feeling a pain materialised, just a tightening of my thigh muscles knowing some work had been done.
I also skipped the gym yesterday, as it would seem 6 days in a row is good enough, with a day of rest until I was back in the gym today. It was walking to the maximum speed on the treadmill going up by increments of 0.3 km/h every three minutes from 6 km/h to 7.2 km/h and this got me to 2.92 km in 25 minutes.
A few floor exercises and I was done. I will be out for some walking and fresh air later, before retiring for the day. It still feels like fun and long may that continue.

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