Wednesday 26 August 2020

As time promises times for everything

We assure ourselves
In the scheme of things, you wonder what assurances lovers can give each other if there is such a distance between them even as situations outside their control do not permit what they could immediately do to be together.
Communication by all sorts of media becomes the key, for technology avails us much from writing, audio messages, audio-visual messages to live video conferences. We confirm and affirm the bond we have established in anticipation of our next meeting.
A dawn comes
The times are such that we are beginning to see a horizon, a time to put the ravages and limitations of this pandemic behind and lay the foundations of a life of formal union that binds our destinies together from heart to legal paper, recognised in jurisdictions that accept that such love is not only significant but is worthy of celebration.
In this the plans are taking form, we are on our marks, getting set and will move at the split sound of the starting gun, and you better believe it would not be a false start. In our pledges we have been betrothed, in our yearnings, we have been studiously patient, and, in our knowledge, we know that soon will not be a very long time to come.
For he, there is only one more thing to say, You’re My Everything, and that is all that matters in this world.

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