Tuesday 1 September 2020

So amazing looking at love

So right

It is impossible to think of anything that has felt so right to me especially in the affairs of the heart than when I saw him two Decembers ago, everything told me that this was so different and quite so different it was, for before him I had looked no nearer nor as interested, I just coasted along.
Then here I was enraptured by things beyond my control, a beauty that captivated me even though I had counted myself out before the barest encounter, and it could never have occurred in my slightest imagination that I would be a person of any interest talk less of having him come to say hello.
So free
Yet, providence works in realms outside the purview of limited perceptions, for whatever forces of the universe or coincidence were in play, we were brought together and from there we were left to explore whether it would be a brief encounter or a prospect for something substantial.
As good fortune would have it, we became friends and lovers, soulmates and betrothed, then engaged to be married soon. If on the first date I has said, you’re looking like love to me [1], I might have been laughed at as a fool just falling in love again, I swear, I never felt so free [1] to be with someone and long to spend my life with him, Brian brings that smile to my face and glow to my heart, I have been blessed with something so amazing that I will follow him to the moon and sky above [2].


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