Wednesday 30 September 2020

A lost blog inspiration

I lost my blog

Yesterday afternoon, I wrote a long blog about the mornings and the people I meet each day as I go out for my walks. In between conversations with a friend and pasting links to other published blogs, I managed to lose the blog I had written and completely irretrievably.

I did not have the AutoSave feature in Microsoft Word on and my hopes that it might have been caught in a temporary file were not met. I had somehow managed to close my word processor application without saving the document and I really cannot remember how.

Much as I could remember what I had written about, I was deflated, the second attempt would never feel like the original. I have decided inspiration for a blog like the one I lost will eventually come and I might end up with an interesting narrative, I don’t know.

Once bitten

Meanwhile, I have turned on the AutoSave feature with the inconvenience that the order in which I do things has changed. For normally, I will write the whole blog first, then delineate the blog with headings, the first heading becoming the name the blog is saved as in Microsoft Word before it is formatted and copied to the blogging editor for publication.

Now, my blog has a name that might not consequently be related to what I end up writing. I guess I can live with that and it is better than losing it all. What I cannot understand is how the Recover Unsaved Documents did not come to my rescue yesterday. C’est la vie, ce sera.  

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