Monday 15 June 2020

The smell of love

A whiff of stink
I needed a distraction from everything else, so I went looking for an odd news story to write about and this is one for which one would smother giggles and probably pinch one’s nose. Yet, if one cannot escape quickly enough, you might just express displeasure and allow your olfactory system to bear the brunt of the onslaught than taste it.
Now, I would not go into the dynamics and science of flatulence, it happens. In some cases, it can be discreet and in others registering on a scale of decibels. Yet, they range in orders of pungency to which a slightly impaired sense of smell might well be a blessing if not one of the symptoms of having contracted the Coronavirus.
A test of love
That menace cannot seem to escape attention or intrusion in our affairs. The inspiration for this blog comes from the story of a couple who had been going out for 3 years and the girlfriend happened to inadvertently fart in the presence of her boyfriend and to him, it was the sign that they were really an item that he brought her a cake to celebrate this abandonment of self-awareness, inhibitions, and restraint. [Metro: Man treats girlfriend to congratulatory cake for farting in front of him after three years]
I doubt I would have gone public about certain intimate issues between my partner and I, definitely not on that, though it does not bother me, it usually occurs naturally and though personally there have been times of unfortunate mishaps that have occasioned a swift return home for a change of undergarments along with the fear of the onset of incontinence, which mercifully has not been the case. A gastrointestinal bug or some stomach upset can present difficulty at the best of times.
What I cannot say is whether this does really indicate a sign of love or we have just been invited to the spectacle of eproctophilia, which apparently is a bizarre subtype of olfactophilia. I would think many of us probably exhibit the larger rather than the particular. [Psychology Today: Eproctophilia Explained]

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