Tuesday 23 June 2020

Living on the force of hope

For a touch so human

The last time I had any human touch was over two months ago when I was in the hospital for my biannual check-up that would have involved phlebotomy and that touch was gloved the nurse in protective clothing and the needle went seeking veins in both arms without success that another nurse had to have a go too.
The other human contact I have had has socially distanced with friends in a park and with my neighbours on our weekly Sunday soirees for wine or port and a bit of banter.
Being alone at home as I have for months has been an exercise of mindfulness, the perspective formed of being in a retreat rather than in a lockdown situation. Thoughts of being restricted or limited are put in the background and away, as each day brings the promise of interesting things and my curiosity leads me to new discoveries that gladden and intrigue.
Phonetics from childhood
Even a chance encounter I forgot as I was out for a walk on Sunday, a father pushing his daughter in a stroller was on the phone as he was able to cross the road. What he was saying sounded familiar, he was speaking in Hausa. Obviously, I had a little chat to him, in Hausa, telling him my knowledge of Hausa was from over 40 years ago, before I bid him farewell, probing not further.
If my memory serves me right, I last saw someone speaking Hausa in Manchester probably 5 years ago in Argos, two ladies and their kids. We did not say much either, we just exchanged pleasantries.
On my mind, always
Another thing occupies my mind apart from work which is still not in as full as flow as one would like it to be. Brian, on my mind, in my head, and in my heart. Just how I wish I were counting down the days to something amazing. I miss travelling, I miss the company, I miss the companionship, I miss the embrace, the kisses, the love.
I look forward to a different time ahead, a wonderful time together, the fulfilment of a wish we both have and the promise we have made to each other, it is more than a consolation, it is a destination of good, wonderful and amazing things, I can hold on, he can hold on, we can hold on.

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