Friday 20 September 2013

Thought Picnic: Hope shortens the day

Of news you cannot change
11 years ago, he heard and learnt with confirmation that life will be different; it will change and be the determinant of the future whether it be long or short.
He took the news with stoicism, aware that events that led to this conclusion could only have been his fault and so he had to face the consequences of his actions.
However, at the back of his mind, he reckoned that much as he had allowed those circumstances, he could not condemn himself in the things that he had allowed. Regrets will not change the facts of the new life ahead of him.
Where hope is
The day could have been long with anger, the night following with depression, the future looming with thoughts almost suicidal, every waking hour filled with worry and the will to live sapped of all its verve that tomorrow will never come.
He did not let that dominate his thinking, for beyond this was the possibility, the realisation that the missing component to the hearing of such news is hope.
For hope takes you from today to the next, it gives you expectation of change however remote it might be, it shortens the day and ushers in the morrow continuing the cycle of life for renewal.
Keeping on
That hope, despite all, has kept him going, through thick and thin, much and lack, excess and privation, having and having not, and it still shines as a beacon of things to come.
For the many milestones that the 20th of September represents, he will not faint; neither shall his sight fail to see that things will only get better and that the best is really yet to come.
Here is to life and all the experiences that have become an elixir of life.
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