Thursday 12 September 2013

Thought Picnic: Finding more baskets to keep the eggs

The testing tests
Entering the sixth week since the competition began, the prize is nowhere nearer reach as the race has increased in difficulty with the hurdles only showing up after each one has been skipped.
The preparations for each milestone have been painstaking to the point of distraction, and each test of will, resolve, reserve and knowledge has become more intricate and too different from all other experiences, there is no good way of gauging if one has done well or not.
After coming over the second hurdle which felt like a Turkish massage; the apparent mugging that precedes the consequent well-being after a good massage, the enthusiasm for this race began to wane as it was revealed that many more hurdles remain before any decision will be made.
Get more baskets
One can no more wait for the end of this seemingly interminable exercise that offers no guarantees despite the hope one has for recognition and acceptance.
It is time to begin to consider if this is really worth ones while even though it seems like the opportunity of a lifetime, they exhibit no urgency as one needs for this to be completed with alacrity.
The marketplace is our oyster and the sky could well be the limit, for to snap out of the foolishness of putting all ones eggs in one basket of hope that could be eventually dashed is the beginning of wisdom.
The search continues.

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