Friday 6 September 2013

Impian Stories: Dreaming of a new way

Dream control
Long ago, Impian realised the potency of dreams, dreams being events he quite vividly remembers when he wakes up, he almost always analyses what he has dreamt about as a playback to appreciate and understand what has been going on in his quite fertile imagination.
Besides this, after watching a film about using scientific methods to enter the dreams of others, he somehow took away from that experience, the ability to control to some extent the plot in his dreams like getting himself out of danger, knowing when he was dreaming, in a trance or experiencing reality and having the ability to break out of a dream waking up spontaneously to extricate himself out of a sticky situation.
I guess everyone knows if you flick a switch in a dream and the lights do not come on, you are in a dream, the funny thing is his mind will inform him in him dream that he is dreaming, the lights will not come on, and if the lights are requirement for that setting, rather than roam in the dark to experience lurking wonders, the self-preservation and failsafe facility kicks in, he will most likely wake up.
Closed up dreams
One area of he dreams he was yet to master was the one to do with enclosed spaces, whilst he had already found coping mechanisms for conscious claustrophobia, his subconscious claustrophobia had gotten worse, he always found him in a maze, unable to retrace his steps and caught in a tight place with no means of escape – very scary.
Houses all seemed to end up like rooms on a spiral stairs with ever-decreasing room to manoeuvre until a point that the space was literally too tight to get the body through, almost like a well-built house had suffered some structural damage after he gained entry that he was in need of a rescue – this was becoming unreasonable because houses are not build like that and why is it that the most interesting rooms were always at the other side of a constricted passage that claustrophobia kept him from exploring.
Rethinking the dream
Then, he had this dream, where the spiral staircase of rooms became an impediment and hindrance, he woke and reasoned, the spiral staircase was a fiction of the mind, houses are not built into a conundrum of impassable passages unless to anyone but those who could slither through like serpents, these were built by human-beings for the use of human-beings and the rooms regardless of how they are laid out will always be properly accessible.
He fell asleep again and picked up the dream where it had left off, only this time, the rooms were all accessible, he had deal with the subconscious claustrophobia by rationalisation and reason, this might well have opened up a neural pathway to exploring other abilities underdeveloped by reason of that impediment.
Methinks, Impian is on a new journey of discovery having opened up a new channel for adventure in his dreams.

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