Saturday 14 September 2013

Thought Picnic: Some thoughts far from home

Away and away
After over two decades of voluntary absence by reason of a youthful disillusionment, some unresolved conflicts, the unspecified dread of authority and unwarranted intrusion one begins to have some consideration.
Nostalgia has never really been an emotion that has found a safe harbour in ones thinking, however there is a need to do certain things for which the passage of time brings the possibility of things that may not be retrievable if they occur before action is taken.
Not being one of great means if any means at all there are no options to exercise to fulfil that desire as at yet.
Adrift and aloof
Absence has not made the heart grow fonder, it has only created a greater sense of indifference in some instances and resentment in others, most of the time it is one of diminishing affinity to the ones that once mattered but maybe just not enough.
Lives have drifted apart too much, the thinking too divergent to find consonance and many decisions tend towards conflict than agreement because of differences that probably will never be properly understood outside of what and where they are.
In the circumstances, there is every possibility that the younger will not outlast the older, for beyond going astray, he might well be lost and dangerously difficult to find.
Again to arrive
Home is in many different places, of where people are and where the nativity was, but the roots are hardly fast in the ground, they have become a thing of the mind, a convenience of comfort where one might want to be.
To return is incubating, the thoughts are forming, the dreams are aligning, the possibility is looming, and a place one once knew might well be seen again soon. Preparation starts with the mind.

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